Terri Responded With A Kite!


What a great surprise! Terri responded to our inspiration piece with one of her art kites. Terri uses a kite the same way someone else would use a canvas. ( I know this because I have watched her work…)

Again, this illustrates the idea that your response is interpreted in  or on your media. That is where you create.

Thank you Terri, for your lovely response piece….And here it is next to Pati’s , ‘Tree of Life.)

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Another Response Piece Comes In


A nice surprise this week came in from Barbara in response to Pati’s ‘Tree of Life.’ This was a bit hard to fit in a photo for this blog, but I didn’t want to cut it off. Here is Barbara’s comment on her work:

“My interpretation of Pati’s piece, and all her pieces, is that she has so much to say, words of wisdom. Some hear the words when they view her paintings; others do not.

I had painted this piece of all the beautiful treasures beneath the waves of Glass Beach. The colors reminded me of Pati’s piece and I added the words that reminded me of Pati’s work:

1) Lit within  2)Let other women be beautiful  3) Walk gracefully through your day

Medium: fluid acrylic on watercolor paper with organic cut-out images of words from a book.”

So here are the two pieces together so we can see the influence:

It looks like we are getting to the end of this group of response pieces, so if you are working on one, let us know.

And we will be starting a new strand of responses from a new inspiration piece…stay tuned and consider adding a piece of your work!

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And…we will be showing these works next month at Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg, California…stay tuned…

A New Response From Keith

FullSizeRenderSo here is a very abstract response from Keith. He worked in his current color pallet, and kept a free form movement throughout. ‘Full Scale Render’ still stays true to the movements and changes that come from Patti’s inspiration piece.

I hope it is beginning to show that people are working in their own media, and merely responding to what they see and feel from the inspiration piece and not trying to copy what they see.

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Another New Response

debbie crop

An assemblage came in as a response to Patti’s ‘Tree of Life.’ Debbie’s ‘Summer of 2018’ definitely shows the influence of the female figure in her work. She says the piece started with the female face on the right side and built out from there.

This piece really shows what we are trying emphasize during this project: we are not trying to copy the inspiration piece, we are letting it influence the work we do in our chosen media. I can see the influence of Patti’s idea in what Debbie has presented here.

Another item came up this week in discussing the project. One artist was concerned that she didn’t have time to complete a large painting, (her usual media,) to participate. Again, we emphasize, the point of the project is not to create masterpieces. These exercises are meant to inspire new ideas in your work. A springboard for exploring ideas, trying new media, and reintroducing a sense of fun and playfulness in your artful day. Instead of trying to complete a large work, perhaps some quick sketches around the inspiration piece. Or maybe a smaller work that explores the palette of the inspiration piece?

Again here is Patti’s piece on the right, and Debbie’s response on the left, can you see the influence of ideas?

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Another Response to ‘The Tree of Life’

xeniaAnd here is another response piece to Patti’s ‘Tree of Life’ This one comes in from Xenia, she remarks, “The top of her (Patti’s) piece reminded me of a volcano eruption.”

Everyone has their own response to a presented artwork, and I can definitely see the explosion of color here, and a similar palette. Xenia worked in an abstract form, showing a very abstract interpretation in her response…Thanks, Xenia!


Here’s another look at our inspiration piece on the left, and Xenia’s response on the right.

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A Collage Response

at rest

I’m calling this collage piece ‘At Rest.’ It’s a response to Patty’s ‘Tree of Life.’ Looking at Patty’s piece brought back memories of a week spent in the Sierra Mountains and the lesson I learned around how nature may have to take a rest now and again in order to march toward growth and rebirth. Instead of bursting forth in riotous growth, here, the Earth is taking a quiet breath, and looking upon the memories held in the clay and rocks.-Susan

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”-Anais Nin

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Out Of The Kiln

IMG_2683Alexis has pulled her response to Patty’s ‘Tree of Life’ from the kiln. She is calling it ‘Soaring.’

‘Tree of Life’ evoked this response from Alexis, “When I looked at Patty’s ‘Tree of Life’ piece I was struck by the tree also being a woman…I felt like I wanted to soar, so I created my piece with a woman leaning out over space anchored only by her outstretched foot….”

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And stay tuned here for the next inspired artwork!