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About Alexis Moyer

Scan_20170912As children we all have dreams about what we want to be when we grow up. Mine was to be an architect. I enrolled in the architecture program at Cal Poly in San Luis Obisbo, CA. It wasn’t until my fourth year there that I discovered my passion to be an artist. We had an assignment to design an art department for a college campus and the more we researched art schools the more I knew that that was where I wanted to be. With a change of majors and a change of schools I earned my BFA in ceramics from California College of Arts and Crafts (now CCA). While there I had the good fortune to study with Viola Frey, who loosened me up after all those years with a triangle and T-square, and Art Nelson who nurtured my love of throwing.

After graduating I went to Crete, Greece for a summer study course in Minoan art history and pottery. My two interests of architecture and art were blended so well for that summer, it was a very special time for me. My love of the Mediterranean blues came from my time on Crete and subsequent travels throughout Greece and they are still evident in the pottery I make today.

Eventually I settled in the small town of Philo, CA and opened up a studio/gallery that I call The Pot Shop. It is in a re-purposed gas station on Highway 128 next door to Jack’s Valley Store. It is there that I make all of my pottery on an old kick wheel that I dearly love. I enjoy meeting people traveling through Anderson Valley who stop by my studio to watch me work and purchase my work. Visitors are always welcome.


About Susan Spencer

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Described as a voracious student of assemblage, I look back on my life growing up in rural small-town California and wonder at the set of circumstances that brought me to my art. I have no formal art education, but I always managed to study and take classes and workshops furthering my passion for fine art and self-expression.

I started working in watercolor many years ago, and although I enjoyed the process of the painting, it seemed a bit staid for my personality. You see, I have always held more interest in contemporary art than in the classics. I started studying and working in assemblage with my husband, Michael, and when we built our new house (which, by the way, Alexis drew the plans for) we included large upstairs studios where we can create.

Recently I have gone back and pulled from my watercolor days to incorporate painting along with collage and assemblage. The results should keep me busy for a lifetime.

We call our studios The Beat Gallery after a gallery we owned in nearby Ukiah and we extend space for ongoing workshops and artsy get-togethers. Visitors are welcome.