Another Response Piece Comes In


A nice surprise this week came in from Barbara in response to Pati’s ‘Tree of Life.’ This was a bit hard to fit in a photo for this blog, but I didn’t want to cut it off. Here is Barbara’s comment on her work:

“My interpretation of Pati’s piece, and all her pieces, is that she has so much to say, words of wisdom. Some hear the words when they view her paintings; others do not.

I had painted this piece of all the beautiful treasures beneath the waves of Glass Beach. The colors reminded me of Pati’s piece and I added the words that reminded me of Pati’s work:

1) Lit within  2)Let other women be beautiful  3) Walk gracefully through your day

Medium: fluid acrylic on watercolor paper with organic cut-out images of words from a book.”

So here are the two pieces together so we can see the influence:

It looks like we are getting to the end of this group of response pieces, so if you are working on one, let us know.

And we will be starting a new strand of responses from a new inspiration piece…stay tuned and consider adding a piece of your work!

Join us on Facebook! or contact us through the comment section on this blog and jump in on the next round of the Influence and Inspiration Project!

And…we will be showing these works next month at Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg, California…stay tuned…


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