Another New Response

debbie crop

An assemblage came in as a response to Patti’s ‘Tree of Life.’ Debbie’s ‘Summer of 2018’ definitely shows the influence of the female figure in her work. She says the piece started with the female face on the right side and built out from there.

This piece really shows what we are trying emphasize during this project: we are not trying to copy the inspiration piece, we are letting it influence the work we do in our chosen media. I can see the influence of Patti’s idea in what Debbie has presented here.

Another item came up this week in discussing the project. One artist was concerned that she didn’t have time to complete a large painting, (her usual media,) to participate. Again, we emphasize, the point of the project is not to create masterpieces. These exercises are meant to inspire new ideas in your work. A springboard for exploring ideas, trying new media, and reintroducing a sense of fun and playfulness in your artful day. Instead of trying to complete a large work, perhaps some quick sketches around the inspiration piece. Or maybe a smaller work that explores the palette of the inspiration piece?

Again here is Patti’s piece on the right, and Debbie’s response on the left, can you see the influence of ideas?

Come visit our website for information about who we are, and for a quick peek of inspired works as they come in you can find us on Instagram: We will be posting a new inspiration piece next week, so be ready to join us on an inspiring journey as we build this project!


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