Out Of The Kiln

IMG_2683Alexis has pulled her response to Patty’s ‘Tree of Life’ from the kiln. She is calling it ‘Soaring.’

‘Tree of Life’ evoked this response from Alexis, “When I looked at Patty’s ‘Tree of Life’ piece I was struck by the tree also being a woman…I felt like I wanted to soar, so I created my piece with a woman leaning out over space anchored only by her outstretched foot….”

Come join the project! Make an artwork of your own using either Patty’s or Alexis’ piece for inspiration. Head over to https:// www.facebook.com/myartmuse to post your response below the image that inspired you or email us at mail@myartmuse.net and we will post it for you.

And stay tuned here for the next inspired artwork!