Influence and Inspiration 2018


p and t

Hurrah! The online segment of the Influence and Inspiration Project is picking up steam again! Since the showing of the project last spring, Alexis and I have concentrated on presenting workshops introducing this method of sharing work back and forth. The workshop has been an extraordinary step in developing a way to share The Influence and Inspiration experience.

The original project worked like this: Artist A created a relatively quick art piece and handed it to Artist B. Artist B then used that work to create a new piece inspired by Artist A’s work. When finished with her work, Artist B handed her finished piece to Artist A and Artist A then created a new piece inspired by Artist B’s work. This back and forth flow of ideas and responses built an incredible line of works that you can visit in the earlier blogs here.

We discovered several surprising returns from this exchange:

-We gained insight into our work by “seeing” our art through another person’s eyes.

-We became more comfortable trying new techniques and materials.

-We found a freedom of play that spilled over in our regular art practice.

-We could meet the challenge of finding ways to convey our inspiration in each response.

-We became more aware of our own personal “language” that appears in our art.

Now this leads us to the next phase of the Influence and Inspiration Project:

You!-the Inspiring, Creatives who want to give this project a try!

We will post an inspiration piece on this blog and on our Facebook page. You will use this piece as an inspiration to launch an artwork of your own. When you are finished, head over to our Facebook page ( ) and post an image of your work in the comment section below the image that inspired you. Or email us and we will post it for you. You can email us at:

We will also post images of peoples works on this blog as we can. Next, we will choose an image for the next round. Your posted image just may inspire someone, so be ready to grow and experiment and dig deeper into your art, have fun and join a community of artists willing to leap forward creatively.

To kick this off here is our first inspiration piece:

It is by Patty, who was inspired to create this bold mixed media work after one of our workshops. It measures 16” x 22.”


Patty's cropped



And now, here is a second shot with Alexis’ ceramic sculpture in response to Patty’s work. We photographed the sculpture before firing, so the finished piece is yet to come.


P and A

And here’s what Alexis has to say about this trade:

“When I looked at Patty’s ‘Tree of Life’ piece I was struck by the tree also being a woman. As I gazed into the branches of the tree I felt like I wanted to soar so I created my piece with a woman leaning out over space anchored only by her outstretched foot. I’m still thinking about how to glaze this piece and whether it is about freedom or escape. It is interesting where I went in my thoughts and I’m looking forward to the decisions I make around the glazing process-what meaning the piece will ultimately have for me.”

So now it’s time to show your stuff! Use Patty’s piece as your launching pad for a response piece of your own, then head over to Facebook to post your work, and help build this community of artists inspiring each other to support and grow along our creative paths. Or email us with your response to

And one more thing…please forward this announcement to any friend who might like to join us.

We can’t wait to see what inspires you!


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