Wow! National Recognition!



At the mark of about halfway into this project Alexis hosted our preview show at The Pot Shop in Philo during Craft Week in America last month. (More pics to follow…) Much thanks to all who attended to check out the project, and cheer us on! We had a great time and hope our enthusiasm spilled over onto all who came by.

Thanks to Alexis we were participating in the national event, and we were thrilled to find we had been awarded for our contribution of bringing our project forward in hopes of inspiring artists and craftspeople across the country!

As the extreme importance of creativity in the everyday life of all people becomes overlooked in our busy culture, we hope our story continues to inspire. And now as the second half of our journey continues Alexis and I are stepping up our game…stay tuned to see what comes.


Back to Assembling


This mask by Alexis inspired Susan to reach back to her usual art media assemblage:


“The mask that Alexis gave me had a lot to work off of. I loved the nose and had a nose on my workbench and thought that would be a good beginning. And that ‘all-seeing’ blue eye in the mask was mystical for me. But the big black winding spiral reminded me of an octopus tendril. Searching through my books I found an illustration of an octopus. I gotta say cutting all those tendrils was a challenge!”-Susan

Sunny Work


Alexis made this cool sun piece with a lot of different textures overlaid. The inspiration for Susan was the many textures and sunny disposition of the piece:


” I was taken with the layering of textures on Alexis’ sun piece. I remembered working on a piece recently that I layered collage pieces in. That was a fun piece to work on so I revisited that process here. You can find the blue swirlies and I tried to emulate her glaze in the background”-Susan

Another Beginning


The first piece that Alexis made for this project was this little bird. She handed it to Susan and here is what came up:


“I was impressed with the sweetness of that little bird and the restful color scheme. So I worked in this abstract feeling of being up in branches. The spiral that the bird sits on is echoed in the spirals that appear around the little painting. I wanted to convey a feeling of gazing up through branches like when you lie under the shade of a tree.”-Susan

From The Beginnings


This whole project started when Alexis approached me on the idea of handing work back and forth for inspiration. We decided to keep it loose and make quick pieces that would cover a lot of ground but we weren’t up to the ’30 in 30′ challenges. This project started for Alexis when she got these little funny fish from me. And here is what she handed back to me:


And true to form Alexis outdid herself with a second piece to keep us on our toes!


A preview of our works to will be shown at her studio, The Pot Shop, October 7th  (see announcement to the right of page) as part of Craft Week in America. We are looking forward to seeing everybody!


A Turn of Inspiration


Alexis sent over this odd little fellow. Susan loved the freedom of expression it embodied. So she took a turn in the path and tried something very spontaneous:



“It is hard to believe but there was the spiraling bird at the bottom of this one! I did hope to echo that bird’s spiky hairdo…but I think that this departure shows how we are really stretching ourselves to create in new ways. I would have held myself back had this been a regular day in the studio, but the whole point of this project is to explore and stretch ourselves. I am liking this piece and can’t wait to go at it again...”-Susan