Here Is The Whole Project!

So the showing of the project is in place at the gallery. We are shined and polished and ready for opening night, Friday, and following workshop on Saturday. We realize not everybody can make it to the show, so here is the project in its entirety split in two presentations. Titles, sizes and prices are listed for interested purchasers. Inquiries can be made through this blog, our website: or through our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for the tremendous support given throughout this project and stay tuned for our next big idea!

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Another Switch

Another pair of works are in, and here are the notes to go with them:



Nest: Susan’s mixed media piece had a lot going on and I was kind of confused as to where to start. There were just so many options. I finally decided to create a nest of my own. It was fun to venture out into the mixed media world again. This is something that I almost never did before this project started. Every time I give it a try I love it. More in the future…? -Alexis




Desolation: I kept thinking about nests and how birds don’t just build them in trees. Some birds build them in grasses on the ground, especially where trees are scarce. It wasn’t that I wanted to paint a landscape, it just happened. The colors were other-worldly, so I put the floating planet up there.( I do like orbs!) –Susan

Come Join The Fun!

We are getting closer to our premier showing of the Influence and Inspiration Project and the accompanying workshop! Thought I would take a minute to go over the workshop information this week:

The workshop will be May 5th at Edgewater Gallery, North Main Street in Fort Bragg, 10-5. The cost is $45. for the day. You can sign up by calling Alexis at 707 895 2810, or by dropping by the website and looking under “Workshops.”

In this workshop we are going to visit the idea behind the exhibition coined The Response Method, an idea generator for artists.

We will have an in-depth explanation of what we did and how it can be applied to every artist, and why we think this method worked so well for Alexis and I. (We are still using it, after a year!) We will point out the benefits of this ongoing process that supplies us and endless subject possibilities for our own personal art.

Then the fun starts as we get into the process with hands-on work in the studio. We will have time to create and talk about what we are doing, and how to get going with ideas, as we work on our individual pieces for the day.

We will also take time at the end of the session to explore questions and reactions to this method, and hope to start a community of artists ready to support and inspire each other.

So here is the invitation to join us on May 5th for a day of creativity and inspiration. Who knows where it will lead you on your artistic path!


All This Extra Art

Alexis and I were talking the other day about this project. (A favorite subject for us…) And Alexis pointed out that she never felt like she sacrificed anything in creating these over 40 pieces of work this year. I had to agree:

We didn’t feel like we sacrificed time. It was like the days we worked on pieces became longer somehow. Those days extended out to accommodate what we were doing. We learned that you will have time for what you enjoy doing.

We didn’t feel like we sacrificed energy. We remained excited to see what was coming next. It was like opening a surprise package each time a new piece came around for us.

And although we held each other accountable for doing another piece, we never felt “obliged” to hurry along. We each have busy lives that revolve around being artists, and we both have families and community affairs that require our input. When one of us couldn’t produce that week, we never lost momentum.

We each managed to produce 30 or so extra art works over the course of the year. And a year is only 52 weeks! How and why did it happen? I have some thoughts on it:

  1. We had the right partner in each other. Let’s face it, as artists we all have art pals, but finding the right one that “clicks” is important.
  2. We are both dedicated to our craft. We work daily at it.
  3.  We each have an insatiable appetite to learn.
  4. We are not afraid to try new things and fail if that’s what happens. That’s part of learning.

We were each other’s muse. (check out the website we are building: and  leave a comment here, or on the site. We are open to questions and sharing, ideas for topics, challenges we all face.) We can all be muses!

A Quick Look This Week

IMG_1583Alexis keeps making sculptures and I keep painting. The pieces are getting more and more complex and polished…

Here Alexis has built a larger piece (probably 14″ high) with a fanciful pair of friends.

goldfishAnd I replied with a school of goldfish hiding in the water grasses.

Come see the new website:    Who knows where this project will take us next?

It’s Getting Exciting!


This journey of influence and inspiration has taken us down some wonderful paths. Starting off as an interesting project between two artists, it has grown into the beginning of a new dream. We have been so excited about the project and it’s influence on our lives that we want to share the good ideas that we have experienced these past months.

Our first showing in Fort Bragg, California will run the month of May. Opening night will be Friday, May 4th, 5-8pm. We will be presenting the project to the public that evening. Then on Saturday, May 5th, we will be holding a more in-depth workshop based on the project. Space for the workshop can be reserved through the Big Announcement below.

And this week’s Big Announcement: we have opened a website to promoting the idea of “finding a wealth of inspiration from within.” At this site we will be presenting tips and inspiration for the artist in everyone! Seasoned artists can find community and ideas to keep going and growing, and beginners can find help and tips to cheer them along their path. We sent out a survey awhile back, and are looking into the specific roadblocks artists face, and we are digging around out there to find solutions. We have opened a Facebook page to go along with the site, as well as a more in depth blog. Check the framework and beginnings at: and let us know what topics you want to explore! We can be found on Facebook at:

We plan on continuing this blog, as well, because we don’t feel we have reached the end of this project, either.  So on we shall go!….