A Quick Look This Week

IMG_1583Alexis keeps making sculptures and I keep painting. The pieces are getting more and more complex and polished…

Here Alexis has built a larger piece (probably 14″ high) with a fanciful pair of friends.

goldfishAnd I replied with a school of goldfish hiding in the water grasses.

Come see the new website: www.myartmuse.net    Who knows where this project will take us next?


It’s Getting Exciting!


This journey of influence and inspiration has taken us down some wonderful paths. Starting off as an interesting project between two artists, it has grown into the beginning of a new dream. We have been so excited about the project and it’s influence on our lives that we want to share the good ideas that we have experienced these past months.

Our first showing in Fort Bragg, California will run the month of May. Opening night will be Friday, May 4th, 5-8pm. We will be presenting the project to the public that evening. Then on Saturday, May 5th, we will be holding a more in-depth workshop based on the project. Space for the workshop can be reserved through the Big Announcement below.

And this week’s Big Announcement: we have opened a website to promoting the idea of “finding a wealth of inspiration from within.” At this site we will be presenting tips and inspiration for the artist in everyone! Seasoned artists can find community and ideas to keep going and growing, and beginners can find help and tips to cheer them along their path. We sent out a survey awhile back, and are looking into the specific roadblocks artists face, and we are digging around out there to find solutions. We have opened a Facebook page to go along with the site, as well as a more in depth blog. Check the framework and beginnings at: www.myartmuse.net and let us know what topics you want to explore! We can be found on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/myartmuse

We plan on continuing this blog, as well, because we don’t feel we have reached the end of this project, either.  So on we shall go!….

Another Path

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And here is another path our project took. Even when we may not have been entirely pleased with a piece we had to share, the other person seemed to be able to find inspiration there.

One great take-away was the shear amount of work we did. Each time Alexis would hand me a piece she did, I was held accountable to create. And I felt I was held accountable to push in new directions. The great part was that we have had and continue to have so much fun!

One Path

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Above is an example of one path of our project followed. The ‘conversation’ becomes more apparent when viewed in order.

Each piece in this slide show is based in someway on the piece that came before. Sometimes the influence is visual, some cue that inspired a response, and sometimes it is about a feeling that came in response to the piece.

This series started from Alexis’ bird and Susan responded with an abstract of tree life.

“A fascinating part of this endeavor has been to see what response our pieces inspire in each other. It is a different way to look at what we’ve made when we see another’s response to it.”-Alexis



Here’s What We Are Talking About!


Last Saturday we held a pre-workshop workshop at The Beat Gallery in Philo. We invited a few artist friends over to get together for a day of art and explanation of the Influence and Inspiration Project and to get feed-back on our presentation.


Our intrepid friends really helped us out, and we all agreed that it was a fun way to spend an otherwise cold and dreary day. Much thanks to our friends for all their insight and suggestions! We are feeling that we have a good handle on the presentation and workshop coming up in May.

Above left is Laura’s interpretation of Nancy’s hand-made mini-kimono, and in the right shot Deanna is talking about her interpretation of Gene’s flying boar painting.

Now, it’s on to getting ready for our project’s opening show with the workshop. We can’t thank our friends enough for their support and input, proving the old saying, “it takes a village…”

Mark your calendars for our opening at Edgewater in Fort Bragg My 4th, and workshop at Edgewater May 5th!



Getting Ready…

This week we are preparing for our first Influence and Inspiration workshop! Hosted under our website name, “myartmuse.net” we have invited a small gathering of local artists for a one-day session presenting this response method of drawing new ideas for our artwork. It’s exciting to see our project marching forward and we hope our enthusiasm bubbles over to our participating artists.

In a recent survey we sent out in the community concerning people’s day-to-day art practices we heard that for many ‘staying focused’ was a stumbling block. Hopefully this workshop can help keep artists moving forward, wanting to return to the studio and complete pieces; establishing an ongoing routine of exploration and creativity in their art.

Stay tuned-we will post photos from the workshop and let you know how it went!

Thoughtful Journey


Awhile back this piece was the end product of one of Alexis’ pieces (the juggling bear.) I meant it as a look within myself. Sure enough, Alexis seemed to have that feeling as well and came up with her interpretation:


It’s odd how we pick up on each other’s mind set. This guy, in a very natural setting, like the piece above speaks to introspection. I get a ‘Walden’-like feeling when I put them together….maybe a bit of magic thrown in. Here is a great example of the conversation between us in this project. Both pieces were done a while back, but as we work towards presenting the concept behind the Influence and Inspiration Project it is enjoyable to look at earlier works with new eyes of insight….